ГоловнаКалендарCode for Ukraine Tech Beetup #4 A night with JS
Code for Ukraine Tech Beetup #4 A night with JS
11 місяців назад
Мітап, Free
25 квітня

We continue CODE FOR UKRAINE — a series of charitable online meetups for the global engineering community to discuss various tech topics, share insights, and help Ukraine 💙💛

🗓 Join us for the fourth event on April 25th at 17:00 (UTC+1).
This time we will have 3 speakers and 3 topics!

💬 Topic 1: Say yes to RxJS
In our RxJS talk, we will touch on the subject of Reactive JavaScript and how it can be used as a powerful tool to feed data to your application.

About the speaker: Iben Van de Veire, Angular Expert & Frontend Developer @ Studio Hyperdrive, whose focus consists of Angular and large-scale enterprise applications, with user interaction and user experience in mind. He has 6 years of experience in large-scale B2B/enterprise applications and AngularJs/Angular/Ionic.

💬 Topic 2: Query anything, anywhere with GraphQL
Our GraphQL talk will show you how to get started with GraphQL client-side and how to use it in your applications. With a focus on our best practices. This talk will cover the basics and give you some tips & tricks along the way.

About the speaker: Denis Valcke, Lead JS developer & Team Manager @ Studio Hyperdrive, is focused on Angular and Nodejs working on both front and backend, has 8 years of experience in web and API development focussing on Angular/Vue and Nodejs.

💬Topic 3: Automate your testing flow with Cypress
We will talk how to boost your testing flow by implementing end-to-end testing with Cypress. Test your applications automatically so you can deliver with confidence. This talk will cover setup and the basics providing working knowledge for your current and future projects.

About the speaker: Katia Smet, the Front-End developer @ Studio Hyperdrive, has 5 years of experience in web development focussing on creative experiences. The combination of design and development is what she loves the most, that’s why creative development is her focus.

❗️To attend, register here , and we will send you the details about the broadcast and donation.⠀

A pass for the Beetup is a donation of any amount. All the money raised will go to the “Aid for Ukraine” relief fund to support high-impact volunteer initiatives across our country.
Ukrainian citizens can join for free, but if you wish to donate, we won’t stop you 🙂

About the event host: Beetroot is a Swedish software service company and the tech division of the Beetroot ecosystem, engaging around 600 people across its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and Europe. We regularly organize and support virtual and on-site events dedicated to Python, JavaScript, WordPress, and other topics relevant to people in tech around the world. So be sure to follow our updates and join! ⠀

Send your questions to the speaker: contact Diana at diana.onodvaliuk@beetroot.se to pass your question to the speaker or get any other information regarding the event.

Glory to Ukraine! 💙💛