ГоловнаКалендарOdessa Speakers’ Corner: Performance Testing in Agile
Odessa Speakers’ Corner: Performance Testing in Agile
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We invite you to Speakers’ Corner: “Performance Testing in Agile. Advanced test automation reporting tips” by Mykola Kovsh, Performance QA Manager at Ciklum and Oleksandr Samusko, Automation QA Manager at Ciklum.

This event will be held on Thursday, August 9th at 18:30 in Ciklum Odessa office – Lekha Kachyns’koho St, 7., BC “Rialto”, 6th floor Odessa Lounge.

Link for registration: https://goo.gl/5Yvwwd

Subtopic: Performance Testing in Agile Environment 
Why Performance Testing is important. 
Basics of Performance Testing: types, metrics, NFRs.
Performance Testing organization in Agile environments.
Performance Testing tools and framework architecture.

About the speaker:
Mykola Kovsh works in QA sphere more than 4 years, 2 years as a QA Performance Engineer in Ciklum Testing Center of Excellence. During this period he implemented performance testing on different e-commerce, betting, financial and booking application. Mykola will tell us about performance testing, when it is needed, metrics, how to implement it in Agile world and what is required for it.

Subtopic: Advanced test automation reporting tips.

Allure test report integration using aspect-oriented approach without annotations (C# and Java examples).
Soft asserts and Allure test report (Python example).
Trends detection in test automation using ELK stack.

About the speaker: 
Oleksandr Samusko works as Automation QA Manager at Testing Center of Excellence. ISTQB certified Test Manager. 10+ years in IT, software testing, test automation. Telecom, Healthcare, E-commerce domain projects. Oleksandr will provide tips and tricks of advances test automation reporting, learned on different projects. 

Looking forward to seeing you!