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Epicflow is a project management system designed for managing multi-project environments where resources from the same pool are shared across multiple projects. Epicflow was designed to help project managers to identify the bottleneck and exploit it to maximize throughput.

Epicflow’s innovative task prioritization algorithm and resource management tools allow its clients to reach maximum productivity while working on multiple projects simultaneously and deliver these projects on time.

While Epicflow is a standalone solution, it can be integrated with MS Project, Jira, Oracle, and other systems, which makes the transition from single-project environments a lot easier.

Some of Epicflow’s most popular features are:


  • Skill management – allows users to find resources suitable for a task based on their skills, skill levels, and availability
  • What-if analysis – creates a clone of the entire system and lets users make any changes (like adding more projects or cutting resources) to the system and jump to future dates to see how the system will react to these changes
  • Automated task prioritization – makes sure that everything is aligned and everyone is working on the main goal (finishing projects on time) rather than random milestones
  • Future load – shows what the load and capacity of resources in upcoming dates based on the tasks assigned to them
  • Material resource management – allows users to manage materials and their utilization when running a project 
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