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Java Meetup
5 років назад
Мітап, Free
24 листопада

HYS Tech&Beer Community is officially opened!
And we are happy to announce our first Java Meetup 

Our speaker is Dmitry Mustaffin (Senior Java/Team Lead at HYS Enterprise):

” – I started with machine code and punched cards. I used to write on Assembler, then on C and Pascal, С++, Delphi, C#, Javascript, and some other scripting languages. Now I mostly write on Java, and I’m pretty much happy with that. 
– DOS (it was a wonderful thing to have 21h interrupt), OS/2, QNX, Windows (my favorite so far), Linux (and Yocto as well), MacOS/iOS.
– I studied at university but I still haven’t defended my thesis. (and I’m not planning on doing this anytime soon). I keep learning new things during my work.
– I was writing, designing, engineering, managing and solving problems. 
– Married, children, cat.” 


1. Kibana+ElasticSearch+LogStash to handle Log messages on Prod servers

– What is log and what’s this for?
– How can we do log totally senseless?
– Logging levels or how not to drown in gigs of data
– Most popular logging processors 
– Elastic Stack as a result of smoking in the Netherlands 
– This beautiful Kibana 
– This nimble and ravenous Elastic Search
– This terrifying LogStash
– LogStash: real-life example (or even live demo)
– How can we avoid pitfalls of LogStash?
– ElasticBeats or “What more do you want from me?”

2. GitLab for CI/CD process

– What is CI/CD and when should we configure it?
– GitLab, after all
– Basic concepts 
– Settings for your project
– Real-life example (for the live demo we would need more time and laptops)

Participation in the event is free but prior registration is required, please fill the form

Looking forward to see you at Java Meetup!