ГоловнаКалендарWebinar: “Architecture thoughts: Dark side of Reusability.”
Webinar: “Architecture thoughts: Dark side of Reusability.”
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26 жовтня
On October 26, 2020, HYS Enterprise invites everyone to the webinar: “Architecture thoughts: Dark side of Reusability.”
Our speaker is Vladimir Garbar (.Net Team Lead at HYS Enterprise).
Vladimir has over 17 years of experience in .Net development. He also loves DDD, mixing object oriented with functional approaches, TDD and functional testing automation.
About the topic
Considerable part of our community is focused in debates about the benefits and drawbacks of microservice architecture. In Vladimir’s opinion these and similar hype subjects are too much overheated and draw our attention off other important design and architecture problems. In this webinar the speaker is going to talk about the reusability paradigm shift in the agile development environment and about becoming more popular in evolutionary architecture.
For whom
This webinar will be interesting for middle and senior developers, team leads and architects
 Free entry, registration is required: https://bit.ly/30ysqr0
You’ll get a link with access to our online event after the registration.
See you online!