ГоловнаКалендарJava and Conditional Compilation. Webinar
Java and Conditional Compilation. Webinar
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Вебінар, Free
9 червня

On June 9th, HYS Enterprise invites Java developers to our webinar ‘Java and Conditional Compilation’.

🎤 Our speaker is Dmitriy Mustaffin (Senior Java/Team Lead at HYS Enterprise)
Dmitriy is a highly qualified and experienced Java specialist. He started with machine code and punched cards. Also, he used to write on Assembler, then on C and Pascal, С++, Delphi, C#, Javascript, and some other scripting languages. Now Dmitriy mostly writes in Java, and he’s pretty much happy with that.

The webinar will cover:
✅Conditional compilation and why do you need it
✅Conditional compilation in Oracle
✅Conditional compilation vs. feature branch
✅Conditional compilation in Manifold
✅Conditional compilation in other libraries
✅Pros and Cons

Free entry, all participants should sign up: https://bit.ly/3d684td
Use only valid email. You will get the link to the webinar within a week before the event.

If you don’t get a link to the webinar, drop a line to tatiana.golubenko@hys-enterprise.com

⏰ See you online on June 9, at 6:00 pm!