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Luxoft .NET Meetup
3 роки назад
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20 жовтня
The webinar will be of interest to .NET developers fond of memory management, QA engineers who are involved in performance testing of .NET applications. It will be also interesting to everyone who “suspected” their .NET applications of non-optimal use of resources, but for some reason did not start an investigation.
 Topic: My .NET application allocates too much memory. What to do?
Annotation: There are many options for solving this problem, and we will consider one of them using an example of an application from a real project. In this project, optimal memory usage by the application became one of the values for the product owner.
 About the speaker:
Yevhen Tatarynov, Software Developer with 14 years of experience in commercial software and database development. Since 2013 I Ph.D. in math (specializing in theoretical foundations of computer science and cybernetics).
As a pleasant bonus, we also prepared for you a special lottery with cool, valuable prizes