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Dev.Pro Career TechTalk
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Dev.Pro company has opened registration for the Dev.Pro Career TechTalk event!
The event will take place on February 4th online, starting at 18:30. Speaker — Sergii Sinienok is a Solutions Architect at Dev.Pro with 13 years of experience in development. And we invite you to TechTalk where he will talk about the career of a Software Engineer in the dynamically changing world of JavaScript. We will:

● Discuss the difference between a Software Developer and Software Engineer.
● Define who a Senior Engineer is in the JS world, what types of engineering expertise there are.
● Speak about the usefulness of certifications, Computer Science, Code Maintenance and People Skills, and other aspects of a daily routine for a Software Engineer.

Sergii will also share his vision of a career path for a Software Engineer in the JS world. He will talk about his approach to learning and the mistakes he has made.

The event is absolutely free and will be useful to everyone who is interested in developing their career. It will be interesting, join us: devprocareertechtalk.ticketforevent.com