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RockStar Night Odesa: Craftsmanship Night
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Eduards Sizovs is a software architect and software development trainer who helps awesome teams around the globe excel at software architecture, engineering practices, and leadership. Eduards leads DevTernity — the top tech conference in Europe, and is the founder of a startup DevTube (#1 Hackernews, #3 ProductHunt). He is a well-known international speaker, who had spoken at the largest conferences Worldwide. Eduards is a certified enterprise Java architect, CSM, CSPO, and ICF coach.

Beyond Craftsmanship

Johnny is a full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience under the belt, M.Sc degree and ‘get sh%t done fast’ mentality. Although Johnny possesses exceptional technical skills, Milton — his manager — doesn’t promote Johnny, because Johnny lacks some important skills. What skills Milton is talking about? Together with Johnny, you will walk the thorny road to his remarkable career as a Chief Software Architect; the road full of struggles, discoveries, and actions that will turn your career around.


Built by 2 developers in only 2 months, dev.tube is gradually becoming the primary hub of tech videos. In this entertaining and practical session, Eduards — the founder and core developer, will tell what went wrong, what went well and what can we learn from dev.tube’s launch. We’ll cover:

● how we attracted 1 million monthly visitors
● how we maintain infrastructure (and how much does it cost $$$)
● why experienced java developers ended up writing javascript
● why sometimes we do not write unit tests
● how to make OSS contributors happy (or angry)
● how SaaS vendors helped us survive the load (and why)
● …and much more!

After this session, you’ll be equipped with interesting real-world takeaways. Great mood guaranteed!

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