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Product Management Night
3 роки назад
Семінар, Free
25 лютого

On February 25th Wroclaw is hosting Product Management Night with guest speaker Beata Kupiec focusing on the voice of developers.

To succeed as a product manager you have to listen to your developers’ needs the same way you listen to your customers. Beata will share her experience of how hearing and acting on developers’ voices helped to improve their work, her work, and the product.

As usual, our speaker is open to answering your questions — please share them in advance during registration, and feel free to ask more during the session.

Event is free of charge, all you need is to register beforehand here: bit.ly/3iAXazA


Beata Kupiec, Product Manager at Relativity


Tania Kuz, Product Manager at SoftServe

Organizing Partners:

PMC Center and Product Management Festival
Hosted by SoftServe

Register here — bit.ly/3iAXazA

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