ГоловнаКалендарThe Human Side of Microservices
The Human Side of Microservices
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19 травня

Creating new products is part of teamwork. Making developers’ and QA engineers’ interaction result in fruitful cooperation is of crucial importance because, in the end, both parties are accountable to the client.

Vladimir Arutin (QA engineer in HYS Enterprise) and Nikolay Tsyb (Java Engineer in Oracle Ukraine) will share their experience and tell how QA and Dev can help each other when working on product creation, as well as about the productive collaboration of these two branches.

We’ll talk about:
– Google old swagger, and why we’re fond of it
– Microservices contract testing, or why a deal is a deal
– Ordered chaos as an alternative to the arrangement
– Use of PACT and act
– How to hedge your microservices’ work
– Advantages of Consumer-Driven Contract over end-to-end tests
– Dev/QA symbiosis or “per aspera ad astra” (to the stars by hard ways)

Where: st. Kanatnaya, 22

When: 02.04. 20, 19:00