ГоловнаКалендарAdapty Conf: App Growth Unlocked!
Adapty Conf: App Growth Unlocked!
7 днів назад
Конференция, Free
13 червня

⚡Adapty Conf 2024 in Warsaw: unlocking app growth!

We will connect app developers, marketers, and growth hackers with the latest best practices for mobile success. This will be a free, private, invite-only event.

When: June 13, 2024
Where: Warsaw, Poland

Why to attend?
— Dive into mobile growth with high-quality strategies and insider tips directly from the top minds.
— Join our workshop for live feedback and suggestions to enhance your paywall designs.
— Build valuable connections and meet peers across the app growth world.
— Get the chance to shine on our online media and community.

Applications open until May 13, 2024. Spaces are limited, apply now -> go.adapty.io/adapty-conf

Adapt your app’s growth strategies for revenue success in Warsaw🚀