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C++ Render Internship at Dragons Lake
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Looking to kickstart your career in gamedev as a C++ Engine/Render Developer? Then grab a cool opportunity to enter the industry this March!

We are looking for eager beavers to join Dragons Lake C++ Render Internship.

Dragons Lake is a multi-genre game development studio for PC and consoles. We work on top AAA titles such as Outriders, The Quarry, Life is Strange, and many others.

Discover the realm of the GameDev while exploring the features of game graphics. You rock if you have fundamental C++ knowledge, solid mathematical skills, a keen interest in learning computer graphics, and good English ✨

Follow these 4 steps to enter the internship:

👉 Send an application;

👉 Do a test task — it takes 1 week ≈ 30-40 hours;

👉 Have technical and soft skills interview — 1,5 hours;

👉 Have a final interview with the Lead trainer.

🚀 All stages take place online. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to create your very own Rendering Engine and learn all about producing a wide range of visual effects. Throughout the program, you’ll implement a simple CPU ray tracer and study the GPU language and a graphics API like Direct3D 11.

Successful interns will have the opportunity to join the Dragons Lake team as C++ Engine/RenderDevelopers and will receive an additional sign-in bonus for their dedicated efforts. 🔥

Embrace your graphics superpowers. The slots are very much limited 🦸

Learn more and apply via the link 👈