ГоловнаКалендарCiklum AI Hackathon: Unleashing the Power of AI
Ciklum AI Hackathon: Unleashing the Power of AI
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Welcome to the Ciklum AI Hackathon! This exciting challenge is designed to unite talented individuals, showcasing their AI skills while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of AI and create groundbreaking solutions that can make a real impact.

Participating in the Ciklum AI Hackathon offers you the chance to:
🚀 Showcase your AI skills: Demonstrate your expertise in AI technologies and algorithms
🚀 Collaborate and learn: Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded AI enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and learn from experts
🚀 Solve real-world problems: Tackle existing challenges in different domains and develop solutions to revolutionise industries

There are no specific limitations on the industry you can choose for your project. Whether it’s travel, MedTech, entertainment, or any other field, we encourage participants to explore their creativity and expertise in Artificial Intelligence. While you can choose any industry for your project, it is essential to address organisational needs, such as process improvement, recruitment, delivery, research, or technical software aspects like DevOps tools, IDEs, code interpreters, testing, etc.

Rules and submissions:
🟢 Registration is open until November 6th
🟢 You have the option to register either as a team or individually. If you register individually, we will assign you to a team
🟢 If you want to create a team independently, please go ahead. If you do not have a team, you can register individually and briefly describe your profile so that we can match you with a team
🟢 Each team should consist of a maximum of 5 members
🟢 We welcome teams from Poland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic to participate in the hackathon
🟢 For a competitive edge, it is recommended that each team includes at least one technical member responsible for tooling and code implementation, and a PM responsible for defining the concept and preparing the presentation and demo. Ideally, each team should have a minimum of ½ per each of these roles: Data Scientist/ML Engineer; Software Engineer/Developer; Project Manager/Product Manager/Business Analyst/UX
🟢 The winners will be awarded gift vouchers (1,000 EUR per team for the 1st place, 600 EUR for the 2nd place, and 400 EUR for the 3rd place, regardless of the number of team members, before any applicable local taxes)
🟢 The panel of judges will evaluate eligible submissions by November 23rd

You can find more information & register here: www.landing.ciklum.com/ai-hachathon-2023