ГоловнаКалендарDataArt’s Calling: free one-on-one consultations
DataArt’s Calling: free one-on-one consultations
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🚀 Join DataArt’s Calling and gain insights from our experts!

Are you looking to expand your knowledge in software engineering, business administration, and human resources management?

DataArt presents a unique opportunity to set up a meeting with our team of 10 experts, each specializing in various fields, and they are eager to share their insights with you.

🌟 What can you gain from these calls? 🌟

🔹 InfoSec, Cybersecurity, Pentest

🔹 Java, Kotlin, Job Transition, Infrastructure, Soft Skills

🔹 Project Management, People Management, Business Development, Delivery Processes, QA

🔹 Talent Management, Relocation, Adaptability and Change

🔹 Recruitment, HR, Talent Management, Career Development, Market Match

🚀 Set up a FREE 30-minute call with any of our experts!

More details you can find here www.dataart.team/dataartscalling