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Free Weekend from Vue School
7 місяців назад
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This weekend is an all-you-can-watch weekend at Vue School!

🗓️ November 4-5

For 2 full days, we unlock all 54 of our highly acclaimed courses and make them available to you, completely FREE. Including the Vue.js 3 Masterclass!

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced developer, you can use this chance to improve your Vue coding skills by learning best practices, new tools and techniques, avoiding common gotchas, maximizing performance, and shipping fewer bugs!

This is your chance to also check out new platforms, libraries, or technologies like Pinia, Nuxt, Astro, Laravel, Vite, Vitest, VueUse, TypeScript, ChatGPT, Chart.js, Jamstack, Sentry, Visual Studio Code, Formkit, GraphQL and so much more…

Perhaps you did not manage to finish a course, or there is a lesson that you would love to watch? Now is your chance! 🎉

🗓️ Mark your calendar

Date: 4-5 November

Get access to our massive library of 1030+ lessons created by our expert instructors for 48 hours.