ГоловнаКалендарGameDev Internship in Dragons Lake: C++/Render and C++/Unreal Engine Flows
GameDev Internship in Dragons Lake: C++/Render and C++/Unreal Engine Flows
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Start off your game development career with experienced and skillful mentors! Dragons Lake is a best-in-class multi-genre game development studio providing advanced tech and design solutions for AAA/AA+ projects on PC & Consoles. We are a hub of opportunities where every professional can find their own path to continue or begin their career growth.

Join our Internship Program to begin your GameDev journey and become one of the industry Dragons!

🙋‍♀️ Cooperation — Paid Internship

🔃 Flows — C++/Render or C++/Unreal Engine

📍 Where — Remote

🔥 Application deadline — 10/04/2022

📆 Internship start date — 15/04/2022

Dragons Lake Internship is a 6+ months program of exciting yet hardcore learning processes. 40 hours of training courses per week (lectures, practical exercises, working on projects) and 800+ hours of independent work on tasks in total. The schedule is Monday to Friday — a full remote working day.

👉 After the C++/Unreal Engine Internship, graduates will be able to generate single and multiplayer games, covering everything from the creation of game mechanics and systems to writing code related to network logic.

👉 After the C++/Render Internship, graduates will have their own handmade rendering engine and will know how to create numerous visual effects to satisfy gameplay and artistic needs. They will look at modern games images and won’t see magic anymore but understand and explain the graphics on the screen, knowing how to implement these features themselves.

Internship graduates will have an opportunity to become part of the Dragons Lake team!🐉

Sounds awesome? Learn more and apply via the links:

➡️ C++/Render Internship

➡️ C++/Unreal Engine Internship