ГоловнаКалендарIT talk: “AI’s Achilles Heel: Unraveling ChatGPT’s Limitations in Java Coding Tasks”
IT talk: “AI’s Achilles Heel: Unraveling ChatGPT’s Limitations in Java Coding Tasks”
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DataArt is thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event IT talk: “AI’s Achilles Heel: Unraveling ChatGPT’s Limitations in Java Coding Tasks” by Denis Tsyplakov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt.

The webinar will explore the world of artificial intelligence and the limitations it puts on Java coding tasks. While AI has shown remarkable progress, there are areas where it falters. This presentation delves into the world of Java, illustrating the limitations of AI like ChatGPT-4 in solving complex coding tasks. Understand the boundaries of AI within the realm of Java programming, and learn how to craft coding challenges that push these frontiers.

Speaker: Denis Tsyplakov is a professional software developer and architect, who started coding in the late eighties as a hobby. By the mid 90’s the demand for software engineers drove him to turn his hobby into profession. Although Denis is a master of a variety of programming languages, his favorite one is Java because of its power, flexibility, and elegance. Since 2006, Denis has been working at DataArt as a senior solution architect. He designs complex systems, improves application architecture, and focuses on performance, scale, extensibility, and total cost of ownership. He also performs mentoring of junior architects. In addition, Denis has been secretly developing an online game with robotics and machine learning. Hopefully we will soon be able to reveal this project to the world. Denis spends his free time with his family, his lovely wife and two daughters; he enjoys hiking and sci-fi books.

The webinar will take place:

• When: August 2, 2023, at 14:00 UTC.

• Format: online via YouTube.

• Duration: 1 hour.

• Meeting language: English

Registration: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/676733256387

Registered attendees will receive a YouTube link the day before the meeting

For all questions: pr-kh@dataart.com