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Java AMA (Ask Me Anything) Marathon
7 місяців назад
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26 жовтня

DataArt is thrilled to invite you on our “Java AMA (Ask Me Anything) Marathon”.

Date: 26 October
Time: 15:00 UTC
Language: English
Speaker: Yehor Slupitskyi — Senior Software Engineer at DataArt

AMA Marathon is a meeting where you can get answers to your questions and hear the recommendations of our expert with Yehor Slupitskyi.

During our meeting, we offer you to deep dive into the world of Java coding and get questions to which you could not find answers before. We will talk about Spring, Hibernate, Multithreading in Java, JMM (Java Memory Model), Java Collections, GC (Garbage Collector) and much more.

Registration: www.eventbrite.com/…​9422877?aff=oddtdtcreator

Please leave all your questions related to Java coding below this link. easyretro.io/…​11-471d-b5b2-71e2abcb2783
(Just press + button and type the question)

Our expert will collect the questions, choose the most popular and answer them during session. We will also open the Chat function during the live session to give you and the other viewers the possibility to interact with the speakers.

For all questions: pr-lviv@dataart.com