ГоловнаКалендарMeetup “Better Front-End for better results”
Meetup “Better Front-End for better results”
2 роки назад
Мітап, Free
5 травня
The Almighty Eye is ready to share some sacred info regarding Front-End development. Are you ready to be among the chosen ones?

Are you working or interested in Front-End development? — Attend “Better Front-End for better results” with an R&D Software Architect from Axonius and Lemon.io!

On May 5, join the meetup to discuss the latest domain-driven Front-End principles and other hooks to keep customers’ attention, achieve your business goals and rule the world after all.

No obscure blah-blah-blah, just practical stuff that was used in real projects!

📍This event will be useful for Middle & Senior Front-End Developers and everyone who works on Javascript, Python, and Blockchain projects or plans to refresh their skills.

Get the most updated trends and info from:

Key-note speaker:

🎙️ Eliran Natan, R&D Software Architect at Axonius;

Panel Discussion speakers:

🎙️ Dávid Lévai, a Content Creator, indie developer, and digital nomad;

🎙️ Yurii Lubynets, React Developer at Lemon.io


🎙️ Nazar Tokar, a Senior Frontend Developer in Lemon.io, YouTube Tech, and Cybersecurity Blogger.

📲 This is a free event with prior registration. So what are you waiting for?

Click for fast registration: bit.ly/3vlE1tp