ГоловнаКалендарOnline event “Green coding: engaging the tech community for sustainability”
Online event “Green coding: engaging the tech community for sustainability”
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Advances in digital technology have significantly contributed to saving the environment. Becoming paperless helps slow deforestation, reduces waste, and saves thousands of tons of water. On the other hand, technologies have massively increased energy consumption. IT companies worldwide produce up to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why green coding is the new black for environmentally sustainable tech companies. You are welcome to discover green coding technology in our free webinar with Janne Kalliola, the founder of Exove, a developer since 1983, and a father of three children whom he wants to inherit an inhabitable planet. He will explain the importance of the matter, how one could approach it, and what each of us can do about the emissions.

You will discover:

🔸How software consumes energy and whether there are any ways to reduce environmental harm.

🔸What an environmentally sustainable company looks like in 2023.

🔸How to remove energy waste from software and make your work more efficient.

🔸 Practical solutions.

Register for the webinar on the Beetroot Academy website and share your opinion during the Q&A and discussion session!