ГоловнаКалендарOnline event “Observability” by DevOps Institute
Online event “Observability” by DevOps Institute
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21 червня

While many organizations still leverage fragmented monitoring approaches across their IT and business applications and services, this results in limited insights into their performance and reliability and can negatively impact customer and employee experience. The goal of observability is to improve digital business service performance as it provides insight into all aspects across a hybrid-cloud ecosystem. The vast amount of telemetry data (metrics, traces, histograms, logs, events) collected from a diverse set of data sources — cloud applications and services, infrastructures, Kubernetes, etc. — must be analyzed together to see impacts or issues. Additionally, observability allows the contextual insight to be shared across development, IT operations and business issues, enabling teams to come together to uncover new insights essential for every business — digital or non-digital.

Observability is here to help as teams increase their capabilities without compromising on stability and availability.

At this event, you will meet leading Observability experts and practitioners and hear how they have shifted their monitoring approaches to meet the growing complexity requirements. You will gain insights into how they have addressed the challenge in applying Observability culture, processes and techniques across domains, data silos and teams.