ГоловнаКалендарOnline meetup “Volatility Driven Architecture”
Online meetup “Volatility Driven Architecture”
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29 травня

Join our hour-long events, where we, together with top engineers from renowned tech companies like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and more, challenge traditional guidelines and explore complex tech solutions.

Audience: middle+, strong dev

Our first speaker is Oleksandr Sugak, Software Engineer at Grammarly, a unicorn company that helps 30 million people write more clearly and effectively. He has more than 15 years of experience with a primary focus on software design, development productivity, and reducing accidental complexity.

🧠Topic: Volatility Driven Architecture

Oleksandr believes that software design books and guidelines often provide us with the “best” methods that are not universally effective and do not always work for your specific needs. During the event, he’ll put under doubt traditional practices and will present an alternative approach to reduce the risk of suboptimal design choices and development bottlenecks. The speech is based on real-life examples and will be interesting for engineers who are in constant search of better solutions.

Well, surely there is an opportunity to ask your most thought-provoking or simple questions as we’ll finalise the event by spicing things up with a Q&A session.

💸Free of charge!

🗓Date: May 29

⏰Time: 6 pm CET

📺Where: YouTube

Register by the link: https://lu.ma/sdy94wxk