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ProductTank Odessa We’re Back
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Мітап, Free
28 липня

We’re back! 

We’re back with an awesome keynote speaker – Igor Sokolov, Product Manager at Grammarly

We’re back to our beloved venue – iQSpace

The date we’re coming back is July 28 – 6:00 PM

We’ll talk about the ways how we can minimize the amount of time we spend on fixing the problems, which our users don’t have. About the ways to minimize the amount of money, we spend on features development, which doesn’t really help us to achieve our products goals.

We’re going to have:
– pre-meetup something (let’s keep it a secret)
– a keynote talk by Igor Sokolov
– a panel discussion 
– an after party with your Product People buddies.

→ To attend, please, RSVP at meetup.com: https://goo.gl/x1RqXN

This month’s ProductTank Odessa is made possible by Provectus — a team of proactive experts in software development, design, QA, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, and Business Consulting.

Stay tuned for updates and see you all very soon!
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