ГоловнаКалендарQA Meetup
QA Meetup
4 роки назад
Мітап, Free
7 вересня

HYS Enterprise invites QA engineers to take part in the first QA meetup of this autumn.

During the event, attendees will be able to listen to the insightful talks prepared by our speakers while enjoying aromatic coffee, yummy pizza, and networking with colleagues.

Meet our speakers:

– Vladimir Arutin (QA Engineer at HYS Enterprise): “QA job interview: life hacks and scripts for success”
– Ed Izotov (QA Lead at Intersog): “Why testers should know about HTTP.”
– Olga Sapyolkina (QA Team lead at HYS Enterprise): “One team – One mission.”
– Margarita Boiko (QA Team lead at EIS Group Ukraine): “Test case design: practical recommendations.”

Looking forward to seeing you all at our QA meetup!

When:September 7, at 10:00

Where: Odesa, Ukraine , 22 Kanatna St. (Hillel IT School)