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SForce Summit 2023
7 місяців назад
Конференция, Free
23 листопада

SForce Summit 2023 (online) Winter Edition is the 6th edition of the largest Polish conference dedicated to Salesforce.

The conference takes place on 21-23.11.2023 in the form of an online broadcast. It is directed to all Salesforce professionals and enthusiasts in Poland. The event brings together architects, developers, consultants, front-end developers, testers, AI, and IoT specialists. The conference provides the highest level of lectures delivered by representatives of leading Salesforce companies in Poland. During the conference, only recognized and innovative IT companies will present themselves at their virtual booths, whose presence increases the importance of the event.

From 21-23.11.2023 conveniently from your home or office, you can participate fully free of charge in the largest digital event dedicated to Salesforce in Poland.


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More details on the website: sforcesummit.pl