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She Is Tech Conference
5 місяців назад
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25 січня

Join us at a barrier-breaking online She Is Tech Conference to enhance gender balance in the Tech industry and beyond!

We’ll talk about enhancing gender equality, advancing women’s careers, and developing solutions that can empower women in the technology sector and beyond. Engage in conversations with experts in gender equality and diversity, female top managers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. The conference is divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1 — Achieving greater gender balance in tech companies

Stage 2 — Breaking glass ceiling and sticky floor to strive for female leadership in tech

Stage 3 — Creating stronger bonds in women’s tech communities

Listen to inspiring speakers or network with like-minded professionals at She Is Tech Conference:

✔️Free access to streams

✔️10+ hours of insightful discussions

✔️Speakers from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria

✔️1000+ participants

✔️Discord networking community for participants

📅 January 25, online
Register now to discuss things that matter bit.ly/3tbiC7J