ГоловнаКалендарTech Forces Meetup: ChatGPT/AI Revolutionizing the Daily Work of Tech Specialists
Tech Forces Meetup: ChatGPT/AI Revolutionizing the Daily Work of Tech Specialists
10 місяців назад
Вебинар, Free
22 червня

Can artificial intelligence outperform you and take your job? This question often weighs on the minds of IT specialists. While some view AI and ChatGPT as valuable tools that assist in solving work-related challenges, others perceive them as potential threats to their careers.

Join us at the Beetroot Tech Forces meetup on June 22nd at 19:00 EEST (UTC+3), titled ’ChatGPT/AI Revolutionizing the Daily Work of Tech Specialists,’ where we will explore these questions and seek to provide answers. Discover how AI is transforming the daily tasks of tech specialists and gain insights into its impact on the industry.

Our main speaker will be Alex Yakubenko, an esteemed Beetroot’s developer with eight years of experience in software development. With a focus on Data Crawling and Scraping, Alex has mastered languages such as Python (Django) and Golang (Encore). He is going to delve into the fascinating world of AI, sharing insights on how we as techies can leverage its potential to enhance our skills and optimize business processes.

Alex will cover the following topics during the event:

  • Personal experiences using ChatGPT/AI in daily work.
  • The potential opportunities of AI for tech specialists.
  • Essential skills for working effectively with ChatGPT/AI.
  • How can junior developers use AI?
  • Could AI displace developers?
  • Solutions for business and specialists to stay in demand.

The event is free, and you can register by clicking on this link: career.beetroot.co/…​work-of-tech-specialists . Once you register, we’ll send you a link to the meeting.

Please note that the event will be conducted in English.