ГоловнаКалендарWebinar “Demystifying OAuth Flows in Salesforce”
Webinar “Demystifying OAuth Flows in Salesforce”
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17 травня

A 1.5-hour session from Andres Perez, a Senior Manager and Trailhead Academy Solution Architect Lead at Salesforce.

🖇️ Here is what you’ll learn:

► discover the difference between authentication and authorization

► get practical advanced tips & tricks on Web Server Flow

► understand which flow to choose depending on your case

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The session is free of charge and includes a live Q& A. Noltic organizes it with the initiative of Andres Perez as his willingness to help growing Salesforce developers in Ukraine.


💬 About the speaker:

Andres Perez holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and over 30 years of professional experience as a developer and architect. Andres holds over 15 Salesforce certifications that back up his experience as a Salesforce developer, architect, and instructor.

Andres joined Salesforce back in 2009 when he started working for developer support. As he jokingly says, “I decided to become an instructor in 2011 to help customers before they make their mistakes rather than after they make their mistakes”. Since then, Andres has been teaching the Salesforce developer and architect courses, including multiple sessions at Dreamforce, Trailhead DX, and numerous sessions around the world. Andres has delivered training to over 20,000 students worldwide. Andres loves sharing knowledge and helping developers and architects on their Salesforce journey.

In his free time, Andres enjoys playing with electronics and building Internet of Things (IoT) projects and blogs about his experiences with JavaScript and electronics.

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