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Senior Java Developer

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Exciting news! We are looking for a Java (back-end) developer to work full-time with our new client.

Our client is a team of professionals who help build companies in the most vibrant business sites across Europe. They are beginning to work with a new product in the banking industry; an application that will help private businesses and freelancers use their cutting-edge services.

As a back-end developer, you will work with various technologies: 

  • AWS infrastructure ( as a host)
  • Kubernetes cluster with docker containers, and inside spring-boot app written in Kotlin
  • REST, GraphQL, and AMQP messaging for communication
  • Postgre DB

You will have ownership of microservices and participate in the product creation from scratch. 

In our collaboration model, you will work and communicate directly with the development team on the client side. 


  • Programming is your main task. You’ll receive requirement descriptions in JIRA and confluence. 
  • Unit tests, component tests, and contract tests are an integral part of developer delivery.
  • Team, Team, Team – close collaboration with others – from our Analyst to our QA 
  • Gradual building of solutions – cooperation on solution design and architecture

What we’re looking for:

  • Kotlin or JAVA experience; a solid ability to use Java with great quality
  • Spring framework
  • JPA and basic of SQL and JPQL
  • Create a Docker image and run Springboot application
  • GitLab experience or some git-based code versioning product 
  • Have courage and stamina to maintain tests
  • Trust in agile methodology
  • Nice level of English 


  • Kotlin is a must, but the more experience with the rest of the tech stack the better
  • Basic knowledge of UML to understand analysis better
  • Experience with SCRUM or agile project techniques
  • Gradle, maven, GitLab pipelines to understand the deployment process
  • CI/CD experience 
  • Rancher, Kubectl, Terraform experience
  • ELK, Sentry, Prometheus, Jaeger to monitor services and care for the system
  • You love borsch!


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