ГоловнаКалендарOnline event “Best tips to boost productivity and optimize your workflow using AI”
Online event “Best tips to boost productivity and optimize your workflow using AI”
5 місяців назад
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25 жовтня

It’s unlikely to find a person who hasn’t heard of artificial intelligence. But still only few people know how to use AI tools efficiently in their work to be more organized, manage tasks and get rid of routine tasks.

During this webinar, you will find out how to turn AI into your best assistant that will take the significant part of workload off your shoulders. Aleksander Piskorz, AI Wizard at Beetroot Academy, will share his experience and demonstrate the easiest ways to boost your productivity and career using AI tools.

You will discover:

  • Best AI tools for organizing your work: setting reminders, scheduling meetings, managing to-do lists
  • How to customize these tools and manage privacy settings to secure your data
  • Capabilities of ChatGPT and how it differs from other tools
  • The most effective prompts for emails drafting, workflows automation and reminders
  • Research and content generation using AI
  • Limitations of AI tools and best practices for integrating AI into your daily work
  • AI assistance vs critical thinking: how to find the balance

This event is free after the registration. If you have any questions — please, leave it in our registration form or keep till out Q&A session. See you on October 25, 17:00 CEST! 🙌