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Online event: DevSecOps
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17 травня

In our Global Upskilling Report 2022, we observed that DevOps and DevSecOps are coming together. Beyond achieving software velocity, DevOps is driving opportunities to provide improvements across the entire software delivery value stream for fast and continuous feedback. If security is combined with DevOps, it will introduce the topic of security earlier in the lifecycle of a product or service. The ultimate goal will be to make security a responsibility throughout the entire lifecycle — and not have it owned by a separate team. We found that 47% of our survey respondents said that both DevOps and DevSecOps are critical must-have operational models.
At this event, you will meet leading DevSecOps experts and practitioners and hear how they have managed to go faster without compromising their security posture. In fact, in many cases, they have made themselves stronger from a safety perspective.

What Will You Learn?
How to incorporate security practices into development teams and collaborate across silos
Responsibility and ownership details when it comes to DevSecOps
How to automate security into your CI/CD pipeline

Who Should Attend?
DevOps Engineers, DevSecOps Engineers, Security Analysts, CISOs, Developers, Software Engineers, IT Operations Leads, Test Engineers, Automation Engineers, Security Managers