ГоловнаКалендарTechMasterminds by Sigma Software | Building an Accessible App: FlixBus Journey and Key Takeaways
TechMasterminds by Sigma Software | Building an Accessible App: FlixBus Journey and Key Takeaways
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Join our hour-long events, where we, together with experts from renowned tech companies like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and more, challenge traditional guidelines and explore complex solutions to the tech and business problems.

​​​👀 Audience: Designers, Product Managers, Startups Founders, and anyone involved in the creation of great products.

Speaker: Mariia Katsan — UI/UX Designer at FlixMobility, Main Designer of iOS FlixBus App with 7+ years of design expertise. She is a former founder of the Ukrainian UI/UX Community in Berlin and telegram UI/UX blogger.

​​​🧠About the topic

During the talk, we will explore the imperative of digital accessibility for businesses, not only as a matter of ethical responsibility but also in compliance with European legislation. This discussion will cover preparations, implementation strategies, and the challenges faced, including critical moments when three months of effort did not yield the expected outcomes. Additionally, we will discuss the ongoing efforts to maintain accessibility standards, with the assistance of Chat GPT.

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