ГоловнаКалендарWebinar “Modern testing with Selenium”
Webinar “Modern testing with Selenium”
2 роки назад
Вебінар, Free
27 квітня

We invite you to the free Webinar Modern testing with Selenium.

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This Webinar will help people to understand how they can better test modern web applications, specially if they use Selenium. Ideally attendants will get enough knowledge to help them build a proper testing approach.

Web applications evolved a lot in the last few years to a point where traditional testing approaches and tools are not good enough. Along with that evolution, new web frameworks changed how web applications are written and tested. Testing strategies are now more important than ever, together with a division of testing responsibilities across the team, and a deeper understanding of the web application under test.

Evolution, community feedback and standards have also made Selenium evolve during the last few years. Yes, Selenium 4 is out! How does this new version fit in your testing puzzle? New features like network interception, event listening, and mutation observation can help you make your tests more complete and resilient. We will go through the new Selenium, and how it can help you create fast feedback loops to improve the experience of writing and testing software.

Join this talk to see an applied demo of the new features included in Selenium 4.

Theoretical knowledge that you will gain:

  • How to create a testing approach for modern web applications with Selenium
  • Understand where Selenium fits in today’s modern testing landscape

Practical skills that you will gain after the webinar:

  • Get an overview of Selenium 4 new features with practical examples

Tools that you will get acquainted with:

  • Selenium,
  • WebDriver BiDi,
  • Chrome DevTools,
  • Docker

Who will be interested:

  • Developers and testers

The minimum level of knowledge that a listener should have:

Testing concepts and a notion of what Selenium is.


Diego Molina

  • Diego is a Technical Lead at the Selenium project and a Staff Software Engineer at Sauce Labs. He loves enabling testers by creating helpful testing tools and infrastructure and delivering versatile Selenium trainings and workshops. Most of the time he can be spotted at the Selenium Slack community channel and contributing to open source.